Road Leads to Magical Place

I’ve referred to myself as a popcorn head many times in my life. I wrote about it the first time back in 2010.

Reminder: A popcorn head is someone who has one idea after another pop into their over-stimulated brain on a regular basis.

Almost 3 years ago, when they launched a radio station in Glen Rose, Texas, I was asked to do the news and sports on the morning show. I was all over that, but I told the owners during that initial interview that I wanted to do a radio show about bucket lists and living on purpose.


In August 2015, I launched the Defining Audacity Radio Show. Now, I’m on five stations across the region (and looking to grow to 10 by the end of the year). On July 30th, it will be my 100th episode.

Needless to say…it’s been an AWESOME ride. But even though I finally found my calling in life…my popcorn brain continues to work in overdrive.

My most recent idea was The Road Less Traveled – a live-audience version of my radio show. It has worked well in the studio for me, why not let an audience experience it firsthand?


Last weekend, I had my inaugural show. It was phenomenal. My featured artist was Dan Johnson. For two hours, I got the opportunity to put Dan’s music – and his powerful story – in the spotlight. The feedback we received from the show was incredible.

I wanted to share a couple of narratives from people in attendance:

  • “That gave me chills…”
  • “I was crying…”
  • “Dan was A-MAZ-ING!! Such a tremendous story and an incredible talent.”

Dan Johnson even sent me a text afterwards that said: “It was an absolute honor to kick that program off with you. Secondly, we raised a lot more money that I would have ever anticipated (for Operation Hemingway). You’re a fucking hero, brother.”


All of these comments were like gas on the fire. Dan’s show was the first of 12 over the next 3 months, and I can’t wait to re-load and do it again. (FYI: Kensie Coppin with Garrett Thompson on July 9th)

I say ALL of this to share something really cool that happened after my inaugural Road Less Traveled. I received another amazing reminder how blessed I am to do what I do and how lucky I am to share people’s goals, dreams and aspirations – especially these singer/songwriters.

Here’s the story:

After the show, we were cleaning up. Most everyone had left. My “sound guy,” Andrew, was loading up his truck. After he put the last speaker in the bed, he walked up to me and said: “Do you have a second?”

I said sure, thinking he was going to bail on me after one gig.

He said, “Can I play a song for you? It’s called The Road Less Traveled and I wrote it as an apology to my mom for being a knucklehead at different times in my life.”

My immediate response: “Of course!”

I lit a cigar, opened a fresh beer and pulled up a chair on the porch. Andrew sat on the edge of a table and started to tune his guitar.

Now…at this point of the story, it’s important to reveal that I knew Andrew was a singer/songwriter, but I didn’t know much more than that.

Then, he started to play…

And this might sound a little over-the-top and/or dramatic, but it was magical.

Sitting on that porch, smoking that cigar and drinking that beer after a phenomenal first live-audience show, my sound guy left me speechless with his song by the same name, The Road Less Traveled. 

I tucked my lips, closed by eyes and nodded my head, recognizing the magnitude of the moment. I was reminded of the power of music…I realized how many phenomenal singer/songwriters there are on the Texas Music scene right now (it’s an exciting time)… and I started counting my blessings because I get to do what I do for a living. 

I wanted to share Andrew’s private concert…

It’s my honor and pleasure to officially welcome Andrew Carman, frontman for The Trials, to the Defining Audacity Family. (He will be my guest on the 100th episode of my syndicated radio show).

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