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When Drew Myers walked away from his last “real” job, he put a pen to paper and realized that he had the embarrassing distinction of having 11 jobs since graduating from college…11 years ago. That’s right … he had 11 jobs in 11 years.

At first, he looked at this “accomplishment” as a monumental failure. He felt like a bona fide loser, and started asking self-defeating questions. The main one: “What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?”

Then, the smoke cleared and his confidence started to return. He kept his heart open for his next opportunity and/or adventure. Well, it found him.

After a lot of discussion and prayer, he decided to finally embrace the gift that God gave him and inspire others to look at life a little differently.  He started writing and speaking, which evolved into his podcast series, Defining Audacity. His three podcasts celebrate the amazing power of story.

As a speaker, Drew reiterates how important our stories are – the past, present and the future … the good, the bad and the ugly. He reminds his audiences that life is short and inspires them to start making the important things important.

Drew has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. He also has a master’s degree in Educational Administration. Probably his most impactful on-the-job training came as a college football coach and recruiting coordinator for a major Division I football program (Go Frogs!). His favorite title is “Dad,” and he lives in Rainbow, Texas, on the banks of the Brazos River.

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